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I went to my Grandma's house in Horseheads, NY last Wednesday to Sunday with my mom. I wrote. A lot. So, I'm going to type the entries I wrote here. I'd scan them, but my handwriting isn't the best for some reason, and I don't want to blind anyone. lol

July 30, 2009
I'm sitting on my Grandma's front porch listening to music. My mom and I got here last night. We had left around 3:30, a little later than my mom had wanted. The trip isn't that long really, about 3 hours give or take. The ride down started out wet and a little worrisome. My mom was rather sleepy! When we stopped at the Scottsville rest stop, she got a snack and a drink, and that helped. I had also popped in my Michael Jackson CD, and we bebopped to that the rest of the way! We at at Friendly's when we got into town. It was rather noisy in there! We lost our Friendly's over a decade ago, so I forgot how loud that place could be. By the time we ate and got to Grandma's, it was close to 8pm.

There's something comforting about being here this time for some reason. I think being at Grandma's means more sometimes than when we were coming here as kids. It's so beautiful around here. She lives in Horseheads, NY, where there are so many hills. It's relatively quiet where here house is located. The backyard is huge! If you walk back far enough, you reach the creek at the bottom of the hill behind her house. My sistores and I used to walk to the creek so many times as kids. I haven't walked to see it in the past several years b/c I haven't had the energy. I would like to on this trip if the weather cooperates. It always brought me comfort, especially if there's a lot of water. Depending on the weather, sometimes the creek has been dry. It's been such a rainy summer in this area, that I can't imagine there'd be no water! So maybe I'll try to venture out there after dinner. Something tells me I might not have too many more chances to do so.

I wanted to come to Grandma's to get away from home for a few days. This has been such a hard summer. The weather has sucked for much of it, with cooler temps and a lot of rain. The only good thing about that, though, is I haven't had to turn on the a/c!

This summer just has put a huge hole in my heart (besides the 2 I already have) with the loss of Mason. Although I'm not hurting as bad as when he first left us, there are just so many reminders he isn't there. Every time something happens, he was almost always the first person I told. Any time I want to complain about something, I wish he were around b/c he either would make me feel better about it, or make me laugh. I miss his knowledge about certain things. I just MISS him. Every time someone signs onto Yahoo messenger, I still look to see if it was him. I could delete his name, but there's no way I could bring myself to do that. I keep hoping for signs that he knows I'm missing him so much. I do feel he's given me a couple of them. The song "Halo" by Beyoncé played so many times after he died, and I would ask him for a sign. I also believe he gave me a sign last Friday night on my Farm Town farm on Facebook. It may seem silly to some people, but I truly feel it was him letting me know he was alright and that he was still around to see us.

For those who don't know, Facebook has an application called Farm Town. It's similar to a Sims game, where you build a virtual farm-planting crops, hiring others to harvest and plow, animals, going from level to level and being able to make your farm grow. I think it was a great way for Mason to be occupied while he was waiting for his call for new lungs. It has also become a wonderful way for phriends to connect. Well anyway, being that Farm Town is in beta form, there are many glitches. Too many for me to name them all! One of them sometimes happens when you make your avatar (or character) go to the market to sell stuff, or hire someone to work on your farm. When you go there and come back to your farm, sometimes it looks like people from the market have followed you back. Their avatar shows up on your farm even though they really aren't there. Just a fluke in the game!

Last Friday, my friend had harvested for me, and while he was plowing, I went to the market to sell my stuff. I went back to my farm, and someone had "followed" me. It was a spiky-haired male. When I clicked on the avatar, it showed his name. Mason. I just kind of got teary-eyed. Although obviously it wasn't Mason (he had named his avatar Gomer, actually), I felt it was Mason giving me a very unexpected sign that he was around. It made me sad, but comforted me at the same time.

Well, it's now much later in the day when I finished writing this. We had dinner kinda late, then watched a movie. It's just going on 1am, and I think I'll get to bed. I'm listening to it quietly rain outside, which I believe is supposed to continue for much of tomorrow. I didn't make it to the creek today, and probably not tomorrow with the rain. Hopefully I can make it at some point! Off to bed though!


Nancy said…
It's great to see you posting again. Nothing like going to a safe place from your past and to reconnect with memories. I look forward to more of your visit.
cindy said…
awww. Colleen (((hugs)))
Jen said…
I know when I go to my Grandmas..sometimes it is just the safe, comforting feeling..almost like being a kid again..LOL..Just in a different way..I guess ya know what I mean..LOL.I always just think about so much when I am there..

I know Mason is sending you all those signs...I talk to him as well..I miss his jokes and smart ass comments...LOL

Hugs ...Luv ya :))

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