The Big Chill

We're dealing with super low temps this weekend. It's 11 degrees with a 1 degree windchill right now. The sun is shining bright as can be, but it sure isn't doing anything to heat us up! I'll be in for the weekend, but that's ok. I got my periwinkle beads that I ordered, and I've been working on bracelets. I want to make as many as I can with the beads I have before I post them anywhere. I've gotten many requests for pics and prices, but I need to see how much I can make first. I made a bracelet sale last night from a phriend in CA. Thank you, Imelda!! She bought 3 bracelets actually, and I sure hope she likes them when she gets them! My first sale of 2010! Whoo hoo!! :) I better get to working now before I decide to take a nap!!


Anonymous said…
Congrats on the sales of the bracelets..You duid a great job..
Hope that you are staying warm..

About the recurring dreams..I think I know what a big part of that has to do with..emotional issues/ stress in your life. Things will work out..

Luv ya Loca...
Hugs :))
Cathy said…
Im glad you sold some bracelets :)

About your dreams I have a pretty good idea what they are about.. Stay strong and supportive :)


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