An Attempted Escape

Due to the nasty cold weather, I hadn't been out of the house since last Thursday, New Year's eve. So, when my mom asked me yesterday if I'd like to try going to a few places, I thought sure. I got all ready to go, layered myself, put the hat, gloves, and scarf on, and was all ready! My mom picked me up and we went to McDonald's first to get something to eat in the drive-thru. There is a few stores near the restaurant that we wanted to go into after, so we just ate in the parking lot. I reached down to get my antibacterial lotion out of my purse, and I felt my nose drip. So I took off the cannula to blow my nose, and I see lots of blood. Oh, just wonderful! I had a nosebleed. I barely ever have nosebleeds like that. I mean, during the winter with the dryness of the season, there is some traces of blood when I do blow my nose. I know, gross and not what you wanted to know, but tough. I have to deal with it every day! lol So anyway, to get a full-out nosebleed is a rare occurrence. I got Kleenex and kept trying to deal with it for the next 10 minutes. I was getting aggravating! Just when I thought maybe I was ok, I was wrong. Eventually it did end, but I had no idea if it really was over. I wasn't sure whether to go into the store or what, so I told my mom just to take me home. And of course, after she did, and for the rest of the day, I had no problems. It was just incredibly disappointing to me to actually have a chance to get out of the house, in weather that was actually pretty decent and not too artic, and then to have a stupid thing like a nosebleed ruin it all. I admit I sulked for the afternoon! Even listening to music couldn't really get me out of my little mood I had going!

Today I am much better. I was nervous going out to rehab this morning because I thought I might have a problem again, but so far my nose has been behaving! Even though I exercised at home on Tuesday, I haven't been to rehab since before Christmas. It felt good to get there and see my friends! After that, I visited my friend's mom's husband in the same hospital, since I was there anyway! I chatted with them for a bit and then left to go to the store I had wanted to go to yesterday until the blood started pouring. lol I picked up some items, and I've been resting here now for a couple hours. I'm going out to dinner with Mandy tonight! I'm excited, and I'm pretty sure she is, too! She called me last night asking when I could use the gift card Karen had gotten me from Chili's. Mandy sounded kinda desparate. Soooo, we're going to enjoy dinner and maybe browse in Walmart since it's right there, too! I'm off for a nap now so I'll actually be able to make it to dinner!!


Bonnie said…
Colleen, I hope you have a great dinner and enjoy yourself. It's nice going out with sisters, but mine are 11 hrs away. I love Chili's it's my favorite place to share dinner with my daughter.

I hope you have a day and I want to wish you a Happy and Healthy 2010.

Take care. Bonnie

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