Fiery Dreams

In the past couple weeks, I have been having recurring dreams about fire. I wish they were cozy campfire dreams, or sitting by the fireplace romantic sort of dreams. Unfortunately, these dreams about fire have to do with a house fire, and trying to escape from it. I have even tried to come up with a plan of how to get Mittens out of here with me if my place were ever up in flames. It's caused quite panicky dreams, and I've often woke up feeling like I've lost something. It really makes me happy when I open my bedroom door to that huge ball of fur waiting for me to serve him breakfast. I know there has to be significance to why I'm dreaming about fire. Usually your dreams aren't literal, there is something else they represent in your life. So when I googled "dreams about fire," I found several interesting interpretations. One site said that dreaming of a fire burning down a house can mean one is consumed by passions. Another site also suggested a fire dream can represent emotions out of control, and that they are usually suppressed anger. Holding grudges and emotions inside and not letting them go is another possible reason for dreaming about fires that destroy something, according to a third site I found. And yet another site also suggested that seeing a house burn down in a dream signifies that a close relative needs help desparately.

The interpretations I found really make sense with the emotions I've been dealing with the past few weeks. I'm trying very hard to get my emotions under control in regards to a situation I'm not very happy about, but there is really not much I can do about it. I'm just trying to accept it, but I'm finding it difficult. As I'm thinking about it, there are actually 2 problems that are giving me grief. One CAN be fixed, it's just waiting for the right people to do it, because I'm not the one who has to make the decisions regarding that situation. It just feels overwhelming right now. The fact that I'm still trying to recover from a 2-week cold (which is better, I'm just tired all the time), and the weather is crappy again, has just put me on an emotional roller coaster that I can't seem to get off. I'm not liking the start to 2010 so far, believe me. But I guess this is one month out of 12, so I am really hoping the rest of them aren't that bad!!


Michelle said…
Your dream probably is just about the emotional issues you are dealing with
Just make sure you are prepared 'just in case'-have a plan, new batteries in the smoke detector, etc.
Take some time every day for 'you', time to destress
Hope all is much better for you soon :0)
Hindsfeet said…
Hi Colleen :)

Stumbled onto your blog tonight, so paused to peruse a few of your posts...wanted to just say hi, and also was intrigued by this post in particular.....hope it's ok that I'm commenting, me being a complete stranger...but sometimes complete strangers can approach us with an objectiveness that our friends and family my experience anyway....the blogging world has been rich for me in that sense.

....The thought that came to me (especially since the dream is a recurring one) was that it was an all consuming pressure you were feeling in your life about something, something making you not feel at home in your own skin, or something that's invaded what is normally your haven, your place of peace, your home...pressure that is spilling across bounds over into your space...

...perhaps a boundary needs to be erected with someone or about a particular issue? Some sort of proverbial stop sign that needs to be erected in your life? Some alarm that's been going off in you about something that has been too long ignored?

...I don't know, just what came to mind...

Sending a prayer of peace your way tonight, friend...

...and a wish for sweet dreams,

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