The Holidays

The holidays have come and gone, and I can hardly believe it! Every year it goes by so quickly, even though it feels like it takes to long to get there. I was ready for celebrating a couple weeks beforehand, which felt nice. I didn't feel like I was rushing around still trying to get things. I actually really liked the fact that we exchanged names this year. I think it worked out well!

Lisa and Brandon and their little guy spent the entire day last Saturday trying to get here. The trip is so long anyway, but when they had to stop to feed B. every few hours or so, it made the trip a bit longer. But B. did very well for a 14+ hour trip! Thank goodness, he slept most of the way!

Sunday afternoon, Lisa, Brandon and Joan stopped by with the little guy and food! What a difference a few months make, B. has grown so much. I was holding him and he was definitely a bit heavier than in July. But he felt so comfy in my arms! Eventually I had to hand him back over to Lisa because my arms were getting too tired. I may work out at rehab, but my arms aren't that strong to keep holding him for awhile! Since Lisa and Brandon were there, I asked if they could move my treadmill into the jewelry room. They did, so I have no more excuses not to workout at home anymore!! I just keep putting it off til the start of the first full week of January! lol

Sunday evening, we went to The Cheesecake Factory. My parents had never been there, so we thought it would be nice if they tried some place different! My mom wanted our Christmas gift to be a nice dinner somewhere, and after failed attempts to think of places, Lisa suggested TCF. We had to wait for a bit, but when we sat down, we had a very good time! The food was delicious, everyone had something different. Then we ordered 4 pieces of cheesecake to take back to Mandy's house so we could eat it after opening gifts. We left the restaurant and headed to Mandy's!

Opening gifts was fun, but even better was just watching the kids and listening to the laughter from everyone! We had a great evening. Everyone loved what they received, the kids were so excited about opening their gifts, and it was just a very nice evening spent together!

Monday I went with Lisa, Brandon and B. to Mandy's house to hang out for awhile with the kids. Watching them all play together was just cute! Trying to take a picture of them all together was just hilarious and hardly worked. But we gave it a good effort, and there has got to be at least one picture that's decent enough to use as a picture for a frame Lisa got my parents! We were going to venture to the mall afterward, but we ended up skipping it since a gift card was forgotten. I was dropped off, and spent the rest of the day just resting and trying to keep warm!

Tuesday was just freezing! I didn't go anywhere during the day, but Joan picked me up after getting Chinese food so I could hang out with the family at my parents'. Mandy, Ron and the kids came over for a bit, more pictures were taken, and then Lisa's friend came over to visit as well. We had a great evening, I got to hold little B. for awhile, and I just wanted to squeeze him!! After being there several hours, Lisa's friend brought me back home. We had said goodbye to Lisa, Brandon, and little B. since they were leaving in the morning. Such a short visit, but at least we did get to see them for the holidays!!

New Year's Eve was spent up in Amherst with good friends and warm hot chocolate. The temperature was actually in the 40s, and it was rainy. I was happy about it since Dee and I had left earlier to go to a bunch of stores before meeting for coffee. We had a good time together, and after I dropped Dee off, I went to have dinner at my parents' house, and played some Wii with Joanie. I went home afterward, and spent the rest of the evening hanging out on the couch. I rang in 2010 with some good phriends, and went to bed awhile after that. I know, not very exciting, but I just don't really do much the new year!

I have been in the house ever since that night. We had a ton of snow over the weekend. Niagara Falls got almost 3ft within 2 days! It still has been snowing every day, but hopefully that's settled down a bit. It is pretty, I must admit! I'm just glad I haven't had to drive in it yet. The temperatures are really what's keeping me inside. They've been downright cold, especially with the windchills. I'm glad I'm not desparate for groceries, but I do need to eventually go out and get things I need for the house. I really do need to go out on Friday since I have a doctor's appointment, so I'm hoping it won't be so bad. This time of year is just not fun for me!! This is why I'd much rather have hot weather. I can deal with that much more than the freezing cold!!


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