A New Year!

Happy New Year! I really hope this new year and the start of a new decade brings about much positive change for everyone, and not just my family and friends. The world has been on a roller coaster ride ever since the 2000s began, and I'm just hoping that maybe things can be more settled. Maybe the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will end very soon? Maybe an agreement can be reached by all major countries on how to resolve global warming? Maybe we can cure AIDS? Heck, maybe we can cure all diseases, including PH!! Ok, I'm reaching, but am I?? What will this new decade bring? I sure hope that more positives come out of this new year and these next 1o years that will make the world a better place. But I also hope the best for all those I know and love! Maybe 2010 bring much health and happiness to all, much success in everything you do!


Anonymous said…
Love the new Blog, I just came on to change mine...LOL..My fave color :))

I ure hope this next decade will be a great one..I am wishing ya all the best. Thx for all you do and being an awesome friend!!!

Hugs..Luv ya :))

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