Seeing The Light

For the most part, my cold is gone. I finished the antibiotic I was taking on Sunday morning (evidently, I had forgotten to take one dose alone the way, which left me with one pill left, or else I would've been done with it Saturday night!). The sore throat is long gone, the ear has finally settled down. The only thing still not back to my normal is my energy level. It's frustrating. Saturday night I went to bed around 11:30pm (way early for me), and got up almost 12 hours later. I was able to do a few chores that afternoon, but by the evening I was pretty much whipped. Sunday I did laundry, but still was tired. I go through fatigue often, especially in the winter, while dealing with PH, but after being sick, it seems to be ten times worse. Today I went to pulmonary rehab for the first time in two weeks, and while I did good exercising, I was ready to crash awhile after I got home. I know it's going to take time to get back (hopefully) to where I was before I got sick. One day at a time, I guess.

During all this sickness crap, I've been trying to do more jewelry things. I made a bunch of bracelets, something I sort of abandoned a few years ago since the bracelets I had made weren't selling. I made 12 new ones, and have been hoping to get them to the store in North Tonawanda, but not feeling good and cold weather has prevented me from doing so. I have 5 bracelets made for Valentine's Day and the rest are just casual bracelets. So, I think I might have to just add them to my store. Not sure how much luck I'll have there, but considering V-Day is a couple weeks away, it'd be nice to have the bracelets someplace for people to see!

And speaking of bracelets, I found really pretty periwinkle beads last week from someone on Ebay. Periwinkle is the color of PH. It's not that easy to find, since people decipher the color in differents ways. Really, it's a bluish color, but I've seen it listed as almost purply in shade. Anyway, I debated whether to get the beads for bracelets, and posted on Facebook that I had found them and might make them into awareness bracelets if I got some. People seemed interested and some were asking how much I'd sell them for. Soooo, I bought some beads! Between the amount I bought (which wasn't really that many) and the stupid shipping, I paid about $35, and then I also bought silver awareness charms. So, I guess I'll see what happens when I actually make some up. If enough people are interested, I might have to buy more supplies! I plan on donating part of the cost to the PH Association. There wasn't even a second thought about doing that! I can't wait for the stuff to get here so I can get to creating!


Cathy said…
glad your feeling better :)
hope u get ur supplies FAST, lol I know how that goes :)

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