12784 Days

Today is my birthday. Well, there is less than an hour left of it, but it's been a good day. I have lived 12,784 days, which in the grand scheme of things, seems like nothing. But I've been blessed with every single one of those days. I have lived those days with a life threatening disease, and I have lived a huge majority of those days with no treatment for that disease at all. Just a wing and a prayer. Many prayers. I continue to thank God for every day He allows me to have. I hope and pray that I may live 12,784 more days, and maybe even more.


Nancy said…
Happy Belated Birthday! Each day the Lord gives us is a Precious Present. Enjoy every one.
sunshine said…
I just found your blog and I hope I am not too late to wish a wonderful birthday; may your years to come be filled with many blessings!

Love your blog and I will stop by from now own!
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you Colleen. I have a friend with the same birthdate. I hope you celebrated it the way you wanted...

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