Sunny Monday

My birthday weekend was rather nice. I spent time Friday night with my family, going to a Chinese buffet for a yummy dinner, and then having cake at my sister's house. One of my fav parts of the night was helping my 5yr old niece pick out food to eat, or try. When she saw the bin of clams, she exclaimed very loudly, "Clams?? I LOVE clams!!" She was so giddy about it! A woman across the buffet from us laughed and told me how cute my niece was! She is pretty cute, I do agree!

Saturday I cleaned the bathroom, but tried not to exert myself too much so I could enjoy the evening with my friends. We had Game Night! We didn't seem to play too many games, though, but we did talk quite a bit. Adult Mad Libs was a hit, and hysterical, and I got 5 strikes in a row on Wii bowling! I could never do that in real life! My friends gave me beautiful gifts, and I loved them all. I must find places to put them now!

I spent Sunday just resting and playing Facebook games. I still have an addiction to Cafe World and Farm Town. Oh well, it gives me something to do if I want to take it easy. I watched a Netflix movie in the evening, The Magdalene Sisters. It was alright. I seem to be into the Indie films lately, this is the 3rd one I've watched. I have a few more movies left in my Netflix queue, and then I think I will suspend my account for now. With the new TV season here, I don't think I'll be able to watch as many movies as I have this summer.

Today is beautiful, albeit chilly (for me anyway). The sun has been out, and when it was coming in through the bathroom window this morning, Mittens wanted to sit in the windowsill. So, I opened the window, and there he sat. I had to leave for bloodwork, and he meowed when he saw me outside of the house as he sat in the window. After getting poked 3 times (grrrr), I went to the credit union and came back home two hours later. Guess who was still in the window??? I was surprised to see Mittens still there, because he doesn't usually stay there that long! He meowed like crazy when he saw me, and when I finally got into the house, there he was at the door, greeting me. He's just too cute!!

While I was waiting to be told I could go home after I got my bloodwork taken (my blood is thick and stupid, and years ago, the lab had to come up with a procedure to draw my blood differently since it would clot before anyone could even test it), I saw a lab tech who also has a daughter that draws blood. The last time I had gotten my blood drawn, the daughter did it, and as we were talking, she told me how her asthma was so terrible, and none of the inhalers she'd ever been given worked. My ears went up after I heard that. I started talking to her about pulmonary hypertension, and asked her how she felt doing any little thing, like walking up stairs or down a hall, or even getting dressed. She is so short of breath doing all those things. Well, I gave her the green PH Association card, and also my business card, and told her to call me if she wanted names of doctors in this area who treat PH. I hadn't heard from her, and so I talked to her mom today when I saw her. I gave another business card to her mom, and she told me she'll definitely get her daughter to call me. Obviously, I hope she doesn't have PH, but she sure shouldn't drag her feet finding out since this disease can be so vicious if treatment isn't given asap! I'm hoping to hear from either one of them soon!

Well, it's naptime. Wish I didn't need naps, but I sure wouldn't make it through a day without one!


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