Four Eyes

I've been blind as a bat since the 3rd grade. Year after year, sometimes even a couple times a year, my eyes would get so bad that I'd need new lens. They got thicker and thicker the worse I got. I hate needing glasses, but there wasn't any way I could go without having them. The pair of glasses I had most were the huge green ones with lens thicker than the frames. They were horrible to say the least! Ten years ago was the last time I bought new frames. I was amazed at home much thinner the lenses were. I wore my glasses mostly at night, but I eventually became so dependent on contacts that I'd wear them from the time I got up to the time I went to bed, usually making that about 15 hours a day. Not exactly the best for my eyes! Since the glasses I had were so old, I could only wear them right before bed, if I decided I was going to read for a bit. So, I finally decided several months ago that I'd save up money to buy new frames. I really didn't like the ones I had anymore anyway. I went last week (on my birthday) to my eye doc, and after he told me my eyes were about the same (for the 3rd year in a row!), and that he could even bump me down a notch in prescription (gasp!! really?? sweet!), I went out to look at some frames. I had told my doctor that I had a budget, and I wanted to buy contacts as well as glasses. He said they'd work with me since he didn't want me going anywhere else for cheaper frames. How nice! Anyway, I was down to 2 pair of frames, and with the help of my doctor, the guy helping me pick out frames, and 2 other women who worked there, we all decided on the frames I ended up buying!

I picked up my new glasses on Thursday. They were fitted to my face, but I still had my contacts on. So I didn't really get to try them on and see how they fit until I got home, and put them on around 9pm that evening. Wooooooow, they made me feel funny. Since my eyes are used to be entirely covered with a contact lens that allows me to see anywhere I look since it moves with my eyeball, wearing glasses and trying to look around sure was going to take something getting used to! I had the glasses on until I went to bed around 12:30am. It wasn't too bad, but I knew this was going to take some time before my eyes were going to adjust to the glasses!

Yesterday afternoon, I took out my contacts and took a nap for a bit before going to my parents for dinner. When I woke up around 5pm, I put the glasses on. I went to my parents and stayed there for a few hours. By the time I got home, I was feeling pretty icky! I tried putting my contacts back on, and it wasn't any better. So, I laid down in the dark living room for about half an hour with my eyes closed. After that, I felt ok. But, I have decided that I need to do small increments of wearing my glasses at night before bed. Perhaps tonight I'll put them on an hour before bed. Then maybe I'll do that for a few days before I put them on like an hour and 15 minutes before bed, and so on. It's almost like exercising, adding small increments at a time to what I do in my workout. Hopefully that will work, because I really like my glasses, and I would like to wear them a bit more often!


Nice frames. Usually it is the contacts that are hard to get use to, not frames. Unless they are the graduated bi focal. I hope you get use to the new glass soon. I miss the days of having 20/20 and thinking it would NEVER change. ugg.

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