Labor Day

Today was the unofficial last day of summer. Labor Day is usually the last hoorah to the warm weather, even though some hot days still might show up here and there. Summer isn't technically over yet, but it might as well be. Labor Day seems to usher the fall season in, at least around here. We've already had some chilly days, in the low to mid-60s, and although many people are so happy about it, I'm sad. This is the start of "freeze-my-butt-off" season. I'm dreading the cold.

Yesterday I actually got a few things done around here. I washed my dishes, swept the kitchen floor, and swiffered the hardwood. The biggest problem of the day was the kitchen sink backing up, and not being able to use it for a few days. It's interesting washing dishes in the bathroom sink.

Today was a nothing day. I had wanted to work on the necklace that's been sitting on the bead tray in my jewelry room for a few weeks, but I didn't do it until after 8 tonight. At least it's finished, I just have to make the earrings now. I got up very late this morning, so that just put a slow mood onto my day. I napped with Mittens this afternoon on the couch. It wasn't the best nap. We seemed to be fighting for space, with me trying not to move too much because I thought I'd kick him accidentally, and him using my butt as a resting place for his back feet. Oh well, I just love naps with him no matter how restful or unrestful they may be! And since I didn't get a good rest, and I'm exhausted, bedtime is early for me tonight. I am crossing my fingers I'll be able to go to rehab tomorrow since it's been 2 weeks. It'll all depend on when/if my mom calls the plumber and when/if he'll get here during the time I usually go. I'll find out in the morning!


What state do you live in?

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