Anger set in today, and I allowed it. It's ok to be angry. I vented so much today to several different friends. I vented to my 2 of my sistores. I vented to Mittens. I went around the apartment and gathered stuff that T. had given to me over the years and put them in a pile. I am debating whether or not to send them back. A huge part of me wants to, because I am so ticked off that she considered me a gold digger. I want to write to her and just tell her I feel sorry for her, and that if she thought I was just in a friendship for gifts, she never knew me at all. I'd tell her to have a good life and I hope she'd find whatever it is she is so desparately searching for. A very small part of me wants to just put the items back, or even throw some of them out. I don't know what I'll do yet. All I know is, today I allowed myself to be angry. Tomorrow I need to start forgetting.


CL said…
How about putting all the items away in a box in a closet. Then after a year, mail them to her with no note or anything. I am mean, huh?

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