Some Good News For A Change!

The other day, I got a Facebook friend request from someone I didn't totally know, but whose name I'd heard because she's been dating a guy I went to high school with. I thought, sure, why not? I added her, and the next day she sent me a message asking how I was. She also said that another person we both know had told her I make jewelry, and she was wondering if I'd be able to make bracelets for her jewelry party since she and the high school guy are engaged and will be married in March. Aha! That's why she added me! Well, of course I said yes! I'm just excited that I'm doing jewelry for a wedding again! This is the 6th time I've been asked, and I just love making wedding jewelry since it usually involves very sparkly and shiny beads!! I'm waiting to see what color(s) is needed for this wedding, and then I can go from there in planning what kind of beads I can suggest. Yay!!


Jen said…
So looks like ya need more beads:))
Hope this means you are feeling some better..Love the new background BTW, I am so ready for some cooler temps:)

Love ya..Was just trying to get in chat and not working for me..Ughh..Hope to catch ya soon..Maybe later on FB..Hugs :))
What type of jewerly do you make? All beads and pearls, earrings, etc? You should post some of your creations. Sounds like you are feeling better. Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone does the best they can.

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