Morning Shock

After the yard sale we had this weekend, we stored the leftover stuff in my garage until it could be brought to Community Missions to be donated. So, I had to park my car on the street, and then I parked it right in front of the garage in the driveway. It's been so long since I've had my car parked outside the garage overnight. I used to leave it out all the time and hardly use the garage, but that was years ago when I first moved here. I had one incident where the back window of my car was smashed, either accidentally or on purpose, and since then, I've been parking in the garage.

This morning I woke up around 7am-ish to take my Revatio and my amoxicillin. I got out of bed, squinted my eyes to look out near the garage (it's such a habit, I do it constantly), and my heart started racing. Omg, where was my car???? I squinted even harder, as if my very bad eyes would suddenly make a red car appear, and nothing. I swallowed my pills and tried to remember if I actually put my car in the garage last night since my parents had finally picked up the stuff inside. But I had never left the house yesterday. I didn't know what to do, mainly because I was only half awake at the time! I threw on some clothes quickly and went into the kitchen to call my dad. His cellphone wasn't turned on yet. So I put on my glasses and took the garage door opener outside with me and opened the door. Thankfully, my car was sitting safely inside! Apparently one of my parents decided to put my car in there, but just didn't tell me. What a way to have a heart attack that early in the morning!! I'm just thankful that I was able to get back to sleep!!


Whew!!! I was thinking you were going to say it was stolen!!! Have a great day Colleen and hope you feel much better.

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