Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yesterday I knew the box I sent out was supposed to be getting to my ex-friend. I kept checking the delivery confirmation number, and yes, it was at the post office. Since I knew T. had a P.O. box, I knew that she would get a ticket or something in her box saying she had a package. And since I knew T. so well, I knew that she would be working so late on a Friday night that she would most likely get the notice this weekend. I've checked 3 times today to see if she picked up the box. A few minutes ago, it showed that she did. Why am I so nervous about it? I know I shouldn't care since she didn't obviously care about how she ended the friendship. I think I'm worried about retaliation somehow. I've already told myself I won't open and read an email from her, and I haven't deleted her number from my phone yet because if she calls, then I know I won't answer it. I'm thankful that she is states away from me, but the thought crossed my mind at one point that she just might come here to my house. Stupid, I know, she doesn't want to come back here. I've just got block it out of my mind!!


JANE E KIRN said...

I think you have to be ready for whatever reactions you get. It may take days, or maybe you will never hear anything. Meanwhile I hope you can let it go. Friends come into our life for reasons. Sometimes they go out for other reasons beyond our control.

Astronobalda said...

i can understand you completely :( Hope everything works it out for you. ;)

sunshine said...

"There’s a time in you live when you'll realize: who matters, who never mattered, who doesn’t matter any more and who will always matter. So, don’t worry about people of you past, there is a reason why they are not in you present and won’t be in your future".

I totally agree with Jane, you need to get over it and once you do that, it'll be your strongest "weapon" in case of retaliation, good luck!