Almost Time

In several hours, it will officially be Christmas. I really can't believe the holidays are here. It didn't seem like it took all that long from Thanksgiving until now for the day to arrive, but bam! It's right on the doorstep! I'm looking forward to the upcoming gatherings with my family, especially after tomorrow since Lisa will be here with her little family by Monday night. We'll get together for an appetizer dinner tomorrow, but our Christmas celebration, complete with a dinner outing and opening gifts, won't be until Tuesday evening. So it's like we get to have Christmas twice. :)

When Christmas passes, there's just one more week until a whole new year begins. I have been thinking back on this year a lot lately, and I while it's been a pretty good one, I do realize I'm still grieving Euan's loss. It's been over 9 months since he died during his surgery, and I still cry sometimes at night wishing he was here. I never expected to lose another very close friend within a year. Yes, I do still miss Mason, but the shock of losing Euan not even a year after that seems to hurt even more. I'm trying my best to remember the good times, but the what-ifs haunt me. I know that more time will help ease the pain little by little.

What I did not expect this year was for my jewelry sales to be pretty consistent. Usually I make most of my money during the holidays, but this year I was pretty lucky to have sold something every single month in 2010. Will that happen in 2011? I would like to think so, but who knows? I'm just glad that so many people bought something lovely, and I hope to continue to make beautiful things!

2010 is ending on a good note for my dad, especially this month. This past week alone, he got another good report on his visit to Roswell, and by this time next year, he will hopefully be declared cancer-free. He also put a new-to-him truck on the road, something he's desparately needed for several years because his old truck was in such poor shape, I'm surprised he could still drive it. And today, he finally bought a new tv that he's been hoping to get for awhile! Oh yes, how could I forget? He found out last week that he was approved for V.A. benefits since he had prostate cancer and he was in Vietnam. I'm beyond happy that he got that, let me tell you! So I'm glad he's doing fairly well, despite all the aches and pains I know he deals with on a daily basis.

I'm really hoping that 2011 will bring better health for my mom. I'm worried about her so much. She hasn't been feeling very well for awhile, and she didn't get the best of news about her health in the beginning of the month. So I'm hoping that some changes will help get her back on track.

2011 will bring another brother-in-law to the family in the fall. It'll be hard to believe I'll be the only one of the 4 of us not married. That's either something I'm doing wrong, or maybe that's a wise decision. lol

I don't know what else 2011 has in store (does anyone really know for sure??), but I'm hoping it'll be a better year for all of my phriends. I pray for a cure for pulmonary hypertension. I have lost too many phriends from this disease, and I worry about the fact that I'm starting to become numb to the losses. Of course, I do miss the ones who have gone very much. I think I'm just getting used to someone passing, and it bothers me. So I'm hoping for a miracle, hoping for someone to have a breakthrough and to finally figure out what can stop this disease from killing so many. I especially want a cure for the children living with PH.

A Christmas Story is going to be starting it's 24 hour marathon on TBS shortly, so I'm going to get my jammies on and watch at least one round (if I don't fall asleep from the complimentary wine I had with dinner tonight at Michael's after church lol)! Merry Christmas to everyone out there, and may you have a wonderful day with your family and friends! :)


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