Almost Strike Two

When I got up (late again) this morning, I fired up the laptop and got Mittens' breakfast while I waited for it to load. I went to Facebook to see if Lisa had updated anything about coming home. I didn't see a particular message on her wall, but I did see that she had commented to a friend that she wouldn't be making it home. I was really crushed. I spent most of the day just really feeling bummed that she wouldn't be making it, and that this Christmas just didn't feel like Christmas at all this year since we couldn't celebrate it as an entire family. I lazed around for the longest time, but finally got to doing dishes and cleaning up some of the kitchen when my mom called me. She told me that Grandma and Aunt Joan were on their way, which I already knew from talking to my Grandma earlier in the morning. And then she said that Lisa and Brandon were making their way home, too. WHAT???? I swear I lit up right then and there with a huge smile on my face! They were making their way home!!! I guess they were going to drive as far as they could today, find a place to stay tonight, and then leave early in the morning to finish the trip. I've been praying as much as I can that they'll have a safe trip here!! I am so happy, we are actually going to have a family Christmas!!!


Janie2 said…
Hope you survived the holidays. Being cold is hard for me too in the winter. I prefer summers. Take care and Happy upcoming New Year.
Jen said…
So happy your sis made it and you are enjoying a happy family Christmas :))

Love ya lots..
For some reason my post on the post you had a few days before did not work..

HUGS :))

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