Stocked Up

With more bad weather and bitter temperatures coming starting tomorrow, I knew last Thursday that I really needed to take advantage of the 30 degree temps that would be sticking around for the weekend. I seriously needed to make a grocery trip, and since I really don't like to be in the stores on the weekend this time of year, Friday was going to have to be the day to go out. I had asked my mom if she could go, and she said yes, but she just wasn't sure when. My parents had taken their dog, Shelby, to the vet's on Thursday for an operation on her foot, and Shelby ended up needing her toe removed. She also had a tooth extracted, and a couple of spots removed from her ears. The poor thing! Shelby is 14 now, although she still has some days where you'd think she was way younger. And of course, she still looks like a puppy because of her small size. Well anyway, my mom didn't want to leave Shelby alone at home, so we ended up waiting until the evening to go out for food. We left around 5:30, after having dinner at their house. Four hours and three grocery stores later, I had enough food to last the rest of the month. lol I sure hope so anyway!! I look in my fridge and I think it's the fullest I've seen it in forever. And my cupboards are exploding, too! I have plans to make certain things, like Nutella cookies, black beans and rice, Chinese cashew casserole, and a few other dishes that were suddenly concocted while actually shopping. Today I am making pepper steak in the crock pot. I got the majority of the ingredients ready last night, and when I woke up around 7 this morning, I decided to just go into the kitchen and throw everything in the crock pot that early. It takes 8-10 hours on low to make, so I should be eating dinner on time! Hopefully it'll come out good!


Lori said…
MMmm...sounds like you have delicious meals planned. You were smart to stock up. We went to the mall yesterday and it was a complete zoo. I'm sure the grocery store must have been just as bad. Hope Shelby is feeling better! hugs, Lori

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