'Tis the Season

Last Sunday was the start of a very busy week I ended up having, where I spent every day except Monday out of the house for at least a few hours. Sometimes that isn't a problem, especially in the warmer weather when it's not so bad. But since we're now in December (which I find hard to believe), the weather plays a huge role in my adventures outdoors, and if I have to go out, I am usually really tired by the time I get home. I have to bundle up, including long underwear, double socks, turtlenecks, sweatshirts or sweaters, and then add on the coat, hat, gloves, scarf, boots. It's a pain in the butt. Factor in a wind chill, and depending on how low the temperature feels because of that, I won't leave the house at all. This is why I really don't like winter! I find myself staying inside more than being out.

So, last week involved going to rehab twice (I really do hate missing it, especially this time of year, so I try to make it as much as I can!), hanging out at Mandy's house twice, shopping at a few stores, running errands, and filling up my car with a nice tank of gas (which I did on Tuesday, since it felt like spring!). Yesterday I decided I'm going to stay put for a few days and not leave the house, even though I could use a trip to the grocery store. But, I'm not totally desparate for that yet, so I can spare a few days inside just hanging out! I have a few jewelry orders that I finished and I have a couple more to work on. At least I can't say I'm totally not busy!


Anonymous said…
Hope you are resting some as I know now you say there is SNOW in NF!!! Wow...and I am already freezing here...LOL Stay warm and take care of yourself..seems so many are getting sick already this winter!

Love ya..Hugs :))

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