Busy Days

I think I left off wondering whether or not I'd be stepping out of the house on Thursday. Well, I did! I just didn't make it to rehab Thursday morning. I had a slight headache, and I knew I had other places to go, so I didn't want to overdo it. When it's cold weather out, I don't have the energy to just push myself anyways to do the things I want to do. I tend to be able to do that a little bit more when it's warm out, but definitely not this time of year. So I went out with my mom. I had a package of jewelry to mail out (a rather large order, I was surprised when I saw the email for it!), and money to put into my credit union, and then we had a quick lunch at Wendy's, and headed to Mandy's house for a bit. We stayed there with my nephew while Mandy picked up my niece, and shortly after they got back, we went to Napa to get a gift for my dad. We had planned on going to Walmart, but it was getting late in the afternoon, and my mom needed to get home to start making dinner for that night. Everyone was coming over for my dad's birthday! So we stopped at Sam's Club for a cake, and then my mom dropped me off. Joan picked me up about an hour or so after that, and I hung out with my family for the rest of the evening. It was a fun time!

Friday was another busy day. I had a former teacher stop by to pick up a couple necklaces I made for her 5yr old granddaughters. She's such a sweet lady, and I think I already have orders to make for her in upcoming months for birthdays! Yay! The o2 guy came quite a bit earlier than I expected (at least from this particular guy...he's usually very late), and so that allowed my mom to pick me up for Walmart at a much better time. First we headed to Bob Evans for lunch, both of us ordering soup and something hot to drink because we were just freezing!! After that we headed to Walmart, where it felt like we spent decades wandering around the store. lol

I returned a couple items first, and then walked around with my mom, getting some things here and there. I wanted to go into the kitchen appliance area to look for a hand mixer, because my mom very recently broke hers, and Joan told me it was on her list of things she'd like to have. I thought I would try getting it tomorrow since I have to go out for bloodwork, but I just didn't want to go into Walmart AGAIN. So I made an excuse to my mom that I needed to look for an electronic can opener, and she said ok, and that she'd be in the toy area. Ok, that part worked! I almost thought they didn't have anything, until I found the mixers on one end shelf. I picked one that I thought looked ok, and considered my next step. How was I going to hide this from my mom?? I thought about going to the cash registers to pay for it and then just carry it with me, but the registers were a bit far from where I was, and I was already starting to get tired. So I took my rather big scarf and kinda hid the box behind it without looking like I was trying to steal it. lol I headed toward the toy area, and when I found my mom, I just pretended that I wasn't carrying anything. She was so busy looking for a certain toy that I don't think she cared. I told her I was going into the large Christmas area to browse, and when I went, I saw that you could cash out. Yay! I got to the register with the mixer, and told the lady that I was trying to hide it from my mom, who I was shopping with. So she double-bagged the box, and you couldn't tell what it was! Yay!! I found my mom afterward and just put the bag into the cart. She didn't ask about it, but I think she knew better. lol She kept looking at the toys when I finally told her that I was getting worn down. By then my legs were absolutely killing me, and I was getting sick to my stomach. So we cashed out and headed home. I spent the rest of the evening just relaxing!!

On Saturday, I got up early to start sweet and saucy pork chops in the crock pot, and went back to bed. When I got up again, took a shower and had breakfast, I worked on some jewelry and wrapped a few gifts. I also cleaned the bathroom and washed the dishes, and cleaned some stuff off the kitchen table. My friend, Dee, was coming over after work to have dinner and open gifts. I don't think I've had a friend come over to eat here ever! Well, except for the occasional party. It was rather nice! My upstairs neighbor kindly bought us a bottle of Arbor Mist to go with dinner, and we had an enjoyable evening. We both loved the gifts we got for each other, and we spent quite some time chatting about everything in my living room. When she left, I took a bath to warm up (I don't want to know how many gallons of water I've been using since it became bath season lol), and just watched some tv and caught up on surveys that I needed to do. It was a productive day!

Today also wasn't too bad. I was lazy for most of the morning, but in the afternoon I got some more jewelry done before I had dinner. I made macaroni and cheese in the crock pot, but I really didn't care too much for how it came out. It was horrendously gross, but I'm just thankful I didn't double the recipe like I was going to! I finished a necklace after dinner, watched a Food Network Challenge (an addiction of mine, even the repeats!), and took a bath (shocking!) before spending some time online. Now it's just after 11, and a bit early for me to go to bed, but I am so tired since I didn't nap (for the 2nd day in a row). Guess I'm off to bed early tonight, especially since I need to visit vampires in the morning and go to a store!


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