Racing Up

I had a dream last night that I was participating in a couple of races. One was 700m (meters or miles, wasn't really sure!), and the other was 830m, which seems like a very odd number. But that wasn't the only thing weird about these races. They weren't along the path of a typical running race, they were up staircases. I had to run up stairs. STAIRS. Stairs are not a favorite of mine. Sure, I can do a couple of sets of stairs if I take my time, but this race was in a huge building with tons and tons of stairs. Stairs are daunting to me if I have to go up alot of them and there is no elevator to help me avoid them. So the 700m race starts and all during the race I kept going up the stairs, and I felt so tired, but somehow at the end I had managed to win. Then came the 830m race, which was a bit trickier. Some of the staircases were being worked on and some of them were almost completely gone, making us have to figure out how to keep going up. When the race began, I bolted. I was running up those stairs 2 at a time and I just kept going and going. When I came across a broken staircase, I managed to get around it miraculously, and just kept flying up those stairs. And all the while, my oxygen tubing trailed behind me, getting stuck sometimes, but it didn't keep me from stopping. How the heck long was the tubing if it could follow me up hundreds of flights of stairs?? I got to the top of all the stairs we had to climb, and then I started going down, because, well, that was a part of the race. Reach a certain height and then truck it all the way back to the beginning in order to win. And I won again! How short of breath was I from doing all those stairs?? Surprisingly, I wasn't. Even knowing this was a dream, I was expecting in the dream to pass out from running up the staircases at lightning speed. For some reason, I was ok.

Now, what is this dream supposed to mean??? I have no idea. It was extremely vivid, which is why I wanted to write it down as soon as I possibly could this morning after I got up. I wish I had a clue as to what all of it meant. Maybe some day I will. All I know is that I'm glad that this was a dream, because I most certainly wouldn't survive if something like this was real!!


Maybe with all the success in people having double lung transplants lately, you are dreaming of not having PH anymore.? Like, thinking of ppl getting the transplants and thinking of how much better they'll feel might have affected your dreams.
CL said…
Did you just get your Tracleer sent to you? They ask those same questions over and over and one of them is about ease of climbing stairs. Just a thought. (((hugs)))
Jen said…
Wow..that is weird..I have dreams often where I have to run or climb tons of stairs to get away from bad guys and I always seem to do it and I am not sick and don't even use o2 in those dreams...I would like to think it means that one day we will do those things? We can dream and have high hopes..right? Love ya Loca..miss ya lately..Hugs :))

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