Strike One

I got up late this morning, got dressed, fed Mittens, and put a load of laundry in the washer before I finally decided to try Lisa to see if they were able to leave on their trip up here. I called her house number, and she answered on the third ring. Boooooo. That told me the trip so far was a no go. It had occurred to me overnight that we haven't even seen Lisa and her little family since last Christmas. The thought that they may not make it at all if the weather isn't better tomorrow is a bit more bothersome than I'd like to admit. I'm praying and crossing everything I've got that they can make the trip tomorrow, or else they aren't making it at all.

Today was a cold one, so I just stayed home and did 3 loads of laundry. In the afternoon, while using the laptop, I sorta had a hard time seeing and concentrating. Then my head started killing me. I had gotten a migraine that snuck up on me! Usually I see an aura first, but not this time. I had to take an Excedrin before finally laying down, and I fell asleep for almost 2 hours. I guess I needed it! I felt much better when I woke up, so I made dinner, took a bath, and I've just been hanging out online chatting and playing around. Tomorrow is another rather brisk day, so I'll probably work on some jewelry orders for a couple people. I can't wait until later this week when it'll "warm up" so I can try to browse some stores for deals. I'd like to get a new Christmas tree, one that doesn't involve about 50 pieces to put up. Hopefully there is something left out there that's a good deal!!


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