Early Winter Blahs

I say early winter in the title, but winter doesn't officially start for another 2 weeks. Tell that to snow and the bitter wind temps outside. Niagara finally got some snow yesterday and today, and the weather was in the 20s today, with a wind chill in the lower teens. I didn't bother going to rehab today. My rehab ended up being laundry, and going up and down the stairs several times to get four loads done. I also changed the bedding, and cleaned off the kitchen table. Quite a busy day, but I took almost six hours doing everything, and I still got a nap in afterward!

Anyway, back to the dismal weather. It's funny how a handful of degrees can make a difference in whether I venture outside or not. All last week, the temperature was in the 30s, with a couple of days in the beginning of the week feeling almost like spring. I didn't mind going out, and I'm glad I got so much done last week. There are still more stores I need to go to, but now the weather plays a huge factor. The wind chill is especially what I need to pay attention to. It actually gets a little depressing. This week, the temps are in the mid to upper 20s. This weekend may be in the mid 30s, but then the stores get insane. And then at least on Monday and Tuesday, the temps will struggle to hit 20. It's rather aggravating!! It almost feels paralyzing, as if I'm a prisoner of the forecast. I'm already hoping for spring and summer. Why don't I ever consider moving????

By the way, I do find it rather ironic that in the summer, many of my phriends living in the hotter areas around the country feel trapped in their houses because the heat bothers them so much. It's more the humidity, but still. It's quite the opposite for me, because I live for the heat!!


Janie2 said…
You should be living in the desert where it is hot and dry. Ever consider it?

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