I almost didn't go to rehab today, but I'm extremely thankful I did. I found out shortly after getting there that this was the last day for the respiratory therapists. Apparently, starting next Tuesday, we will now have athletic trainers. Really?? This makes no sense to me, but I guess that's what happens when budgets are cut and things need to be a little downsized. In the past couple weeks, I've noticed our RT's talking to new people, and I was wondering what that was all about. One day last week, E. was showing two people a computer system she set up on keeping track of patients' progress. Tuesday, there were 2 men in the office for the whole time I was working out (one of them was looking at me almost every time I looked that way lol), talking to E. about who knows what, but now I know it was about the patients and the cardiopulmonary program. It'll definitely be new on Tuesday when I go in there. Well, new people. They've been warned about my oxygen situation, but I'm sure they still might be a little spooked by me. lol I'm just sad that the RTs won't be there anymore. Well, the RTs will still be in the hospital, working in different positions, and I can always go find them and say hi if I'd like! I know we'll all have to adjust to this change, and I'm hoping it will be easy! But, I am glad I did go to rehab today to find all this out, and to say goodbye to the RTs who were there!


How sad that the RT's will be traded in by trainers...Colleen. Maybe some cute single male will be assigned to you. Hmmm??? LOL. Have a great Friday

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