I got up a lot earlier than usual, even before my 7am alarm to take Revatio went off. I'm glad for the extra 15 minutes, because by 7:20, my mom was calling me to see if I was ready to go to church. They picked me up 10 minutes later, and we met my sister and her family for mass. I'm so not used to being up at 8am, but the mass was nice. I lit a candle for my friend and her family. I've been praying so hard, begging God at times, to let N. turn around and heal. It doesn't hurt to ask for a miracle, does it?

After church, we went to the casino for the breakfast buffet. I had two plates of food, the first one mostly breakfast foods, and the second one some lunch items. Then, I had an ice cream sundae. Honestly, I don't know how I packed the whole thing in, but I did. I was in a food coma by the time I got home, and took a rather long nap! When I got up, I got settled in the living room to watch the Sabres game, and play online, which I totally missed doing since I had banned myself from internet usage during the day. That's pretty much where I've been all night!

I got a call from my friend in the afternoon, and she told me they removed the tubes from her brother. Tonight I got a message from her saying that N. had died. My heart breaks for the entire family. She said she had a feeling this was coming, but she had hope that maybe he could turn around. Her parents, on the other hand....well, all I know is that they are a mess, and it's understandable. A parent should never lose a child. I'm sure the wake and funeral arrangements will be made, and probably be later this week. I intend on being there for them. I wish that there was more I could do. I know N. is at peace now. I just wish it didn't have to be this way.


CL said…
I am sorry your friend lost his fight. Love you to and (((hugs)))
Jen said…
I am so sorry about your friend's brother. It sounds like you ate a ton of food for Easter at the buffet...lol Hooing ya have a new and sunny week ahead! Love ya...HUGS :)
Teddybear said…
I will say some prayers for the family with the passing of their son and brother. It is always hard for the loved ones. Peace and comfort to you as well. Love ya Deb.

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