Blah Day, Monday

My phone alarm went off at 9:10 this morning, the second time it goes off in the mornings (the first time is at 7am so I can take Revatio and go back to sleep), and I felt like I woke up in the middle of the night. It was rather dark and dreary, and shortly after I put my eyes in, the water poured from the sky. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I just love Mondays that are soooooo yucky. I got ready to go to out for bloodwork and run a few errands before coming back to print out all the typing I did for my friend on Sunday. Before I did all the printing, though, I made several phone calls. I'm trying to finish the planning for my next PH support group meeting on May 7th. The invites need to go out soon, but I also didn't know if I should ask someone to provide refreshments or do it myself. Since I don't have a lot of money, I called the PHA and talked to someone who said I would still be able to submit a form asking for help with food. I'm not planning on going overboard with a huge lunch this time, since the meeting is going to pretty much be informal. So I broke my online time briefly to get to the website I needed to fill out the info for the fund that can provide some money for food. That was all done and out of the way! Next on my list of calls was Cleveland Clinic. I hadn't heard anything about appointments for May, so I called to see if they were actually done. Nope. Figures. I had emailed my PH nurses about a month ago, and they either didn't get it or forgot to do something about it. Hopefully I can get some dates soon so I can book a hotel room. I know we'll have to stay overnight since I usually get scheduled so early in the morning. My last call was to a woman who goes to pulmonary rehab at the same hospital I go. She comes on MWT, though, so I never see her. But apparently she has PH, and is on a lung transplant list. She found out about the meetings I have and wanted to know more, so one of the therapists gave me her info. I had to leave a message, but hopefully she'll give me a call back soon! Maybe she'd like to come to the meeting in May! After all the calls, and after all the printing was done, I laid down for awhile, trying to warm up, especially my feet. They felt like solid blocks of ice. Despite the fact that it was around 60 degrees, the dampness didn't really keep the temperature in the house up, so it was 63 inside. I had turned the heat off for most of the day, so I just put my little heater on in my room. Eventually I fell asleep, but my poor little feet never did get warm until I took a bath tonight! I can't wait for summer when I can go around barefoot and not really worry about them freezing all the time! After dinner and watching some tv, I spent the evening online with phriends, and tutoring. My upstairs neighbor gave me some new wine when she got home, and now it's made me sleepy, so I think I have to call it a night!!


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