Struggling Spring

Spring is ever so slowly trying to work itself into the WNY area, and I am ever so anxious to get to the consistently warmer days. Signs of spring have been popping up all over for the last month. I hear more chirping now from the birds that have returned to the area, and I saw my first robin about 2 weeks ago! There is always something about seeing that first robin, it makes you really feel hope that the warmer days are ahead. My greenery of my tulips started sprouting before the middle of March got here, thanks to some days that were warmer than usual. Then we had snow again. I really hope the tulips aren't going to be too wimpy because of that! They are my favorite flower, and they don't have a very long life span, so it really stinks when they don't turn out that great because the cold has hit them too early! Although spring is coming (well, technically it is here), the temperatures are still trying to work themselves up the thermometer. Yesterday was a beautiful day, in the mid 50s, and it felt nice. Today it's in the mid 40s, which is actually what it should be around this time of year, and I'm sitting here freezing. This time of year, I try to keep the heat lower, or even off, depending on how warm it gets outside. But sometimes I just want to crank it because I'm too cold! I am still wearing layers. The long underwear isn't going anywhere yet. lol My mom and I were out shopping yesterday, and I was trying to find some stuff for gardening. I have never been one to really like growing things, or digging in the dirt, but the last couple years, I've been trying to get over that so I can have some fresh veggies for once. The one year I had a grape tomato plant on my front porch, which did pretty well, but the squirrels ate most of them! Last year I had a bigger tomato plant on my front porch, and I did get a few tomatoes from that. I tried growing several plants in the backyard, but I put them in too late, and by the time they grew big enough, it was fall. lol So this year, I'm going to try roma tomatoes, and green onions. I'm not actually digging into the ground. There is no way I can do that. I have a plastic container that I used last year for the failed tomato plants that I will use for the green onions. And yesterday I bought a rather large plastic planter with a drainage tray that I will try using for the tomato plants. I think I'll try either 4 or 5 plants in there. I'm kind of excited about it, and hoping that I'll actually get a bunch of tomatoes instead of maybe 3. lol I'm think I need to start growing the roma tomatoes since I bought them as seeds. That way I can actually plant them in a month or so! I just have to hope that no animal is going to try stealing them away from me!! lol (By the way, for some reason my posts won't let me put spaces between paragraphs. I really hate it, and can't figure out how to fix it!!! So, sorry if one huge paragraph is too hard to read, I'm not doing it on purpose! I was an English teacher, I know when to start new paragraphs!! LOL)


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