Saucy And Windy Weekend

I decided on Saturday to try making my first batch of spaghetti sauce. I had roma tomatoes that were a bit beyond my liking for salads and sandwiches, but were still perfectly fine to use for something like sauce. I had bought other ingredients on Friday while grocery shopping at Aldi's. I found a recipe for sauce made in the crock pot, and followed most of the directions. However, I added mushrooms and zucchini, mixed everything in a very large bowl, and then blended it before I put it in the crock pot to cook for about 5 hours. It smelled pretty yummy all day! I made spaghetti and broccoli, and tried out the sauce. It wasn't too bad! I think the next time I make a batch (which won't be for awhile, since I have 2 containers in the freezer and one in the fridge), I'll tweak it a bit and maybe add a tad more sugar, since I kinda like it a bit sweeter than it turned out. Today I stayed home simply because if I had stepped foot out the door, I would've blown halfway across the country. The winds were very bad, and had actually started late last night. In the course of the day, besides the winds, it rained, hailed, sleeted, cleared up, and repeated itself over several times. I tried not to pay attention to what it was doing outside. I put on my earphones and cleaned and sang for the longest time, and actually enjoyed the day! Speaking of a windy weekend, my sister, who lives down in North Carolina, had a tornado touch down half a mile from her house yesterday! They didn't even realize it had happened, they just knew the weather was terrible, and the power went out. Thank goodness they weren't hurt, and their house wasn't damaged! She did say there was a lot of damage in the neighborhood, but I don't think anyone was hurt. How very scary!!


Jen said…
Yes, I guess I am a lil behind on bloggin lol as with everything else!! I am so happy to hear that your sister and fam were safe. Those tornados were awful, destroyed so much in my Grandma's town in MS. I am grateful all of teh fam were safe just damage to homes etc..
Love ya Loca!!! Hugs :))
I always loved when my mom made sauce when I was a kid. By time dinner came around, my stomach had been growling for hours. Being Italian, it was always my favorite meal and I still love making sauce and smelling it all day long. Glad your sister was safe through the storms. Have a great day!!!

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