Crazy Shoppers

I went out with my parents today to a couple stores, mainly Walmart (the only one I had to buy stuff from!). I kept thinking it was Saturday since we went around 2pm, and my dad was with us. But he had gotten out of work early for the holiday weekend! It was a madhouse at Walmart, and even the roads were jammed with people out and about to get last minute things for Easter. It was nice being out with my parents, since it has been awhile since we last shopped together. I got various things I needed to get at the store, including a new pair of earbuds since the ones I had finally stopped working a few days ago. I hate it when I can't listen to my music! I have a few new products to try eating, such as Jello dark chocolate mousse cups, and almond butter. I try to be healthy, and yet at the same time, I buy a cheese topping for popcorn that contains a ton of salt. lol Sometimes I don't understand myself!! Anyway, we didn't get home until almost 6pm since my parents wanted to stop at another grocery store (I stayed in the car), and then ended up at yet ANOTHER grocery store briefly to get a few more items (again, I stayed in the car lol). It was a nice afternoon with them, although a tad bit on the chilly side (even inside Walmart!). When is this weather going to get better???? And I don't mean better as in a few days out of the week, I mean CONSTANTLY better?? lol Anyway, I hope for a nice weekend, despite the fact that my friend and her family are constantly on my mind.


Silvergirl said…
We all need a few treats in our lives. Enjoy. Hoping you get some spring weather soon! ((((Hugs)))

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