A Surprisingly Unexpected Gift

Before I signed back onto the internet tonight, I was doing a search on my laptop for something, and for some reason Euan's name was showing up in the results. I didn't recognize what it was, it didn't seem like a picture or anything, so I clicked on it. There before me appeared a complete chat log of conversations we had on MSN from the summer of 2008 until a month before he died in 2010. I was completely shocked. I read most of it, crying my eyes out and also laughing at some of our discussions. Our conversations flowed so easily from one topic to the next, whether they were serious or completely hysterical. I was so happy to be reading these talks again, but also so heartbroken at the same time. I hope to one day find someone who I could talk to so easily and effortlessly like we used to do. But for now, I will try to enjoy reading the things we shared, and I'll definitely remember him fondly as I always do. I think I know what my goal for tomorrow will be: turning on my computer to see if there are possibly any chat logs on there, too! I didn't even realize I was recording every conversation, so perhaps I'll find something on my computer also. Not holding my breathe, but, I just don't know for sure what'll I'll find! If they are on the computer, holy crap, it'll be a TON of reading!!


I hope you do find someone to share with again. ((hugs))
I hope you do find someone you can share with again. ((hugs))

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