Blown Away

The weather around the country has been unreal in the last couple of weeks. There have been so many tornadoes, so much damage, and too many lives lost in many areas in the south. Many areas have been hit by severe storms that they are not usually accustomed to getting. It's been crazy! While the area I live in does not usually have tornado warnings, we had an advisory yesterday, but nothing happened. Somehow I feel like that advisory should've been in place for today. The winds have been terrible. This morning there were wind gusts up to 80mph. That is insane!! All morning the winds have sounded pretty scary, and they've been doing a lot of damage to huge trees and homes in the area. This afternoon, the Mayor announced no unnecessary travel in the city. I skipped rehab on purpose, because I would've had to drive near the gorge to get there, and you wanna talk about winds?? That area is 10x worse when the winds are high!! My poor little Saturn would've been blown all over the place! So I didn't want to fight the winds! I had a doctor's appt this afternoon, but after the travel advisory went into place, I called to reschedule. I didn't want to be blown away, either!! Besides, there is so much debrish flying around here. On my street, no one can pass because of downed power lines and lots of tree branches and limbs strewn about. While I realize that the damages here are nothing like the areas hit by tornadoes, I do find it amazing (and scary) at how much destruction powerful winds can bring when Mother Nature is at her worst!


CL said…
I hate winds like that. We get our share believe me. (((hugs)))

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