I need to get to bed, but I thought I'd update briefly on what's been going on around here!

Thursday: Went to rehab, met another cute guy working there. He is a body builder. He showed me pics. Oh dear, help me.

After rehab, I went to Rite Aid to pick up some meds. Walking out of the store and back to my car (which was just several steps away), I watched an old woman hit the back of my car as she was trying to park in the spot next to mine. If I had not seen it, if she didn't see me standing right there watching, I would bet you anything she would've just went into the store and not said anything. As it was, I had to tell her there was damage, and that I wanted her insurance info. She never even apologized. My car has almost $380 (estimated by my insurance guy) in damage, just a bumper replacement since it was paint that was scratched off. I'm making her insurance pay for it. Only because she didn't even give a crap that she hit the car. Makes me wonder if she's hit anyone else's car before!

Friday: I cleaned and got stuff that needed to be done around the house while dealing with a tummy ache. Not fun, but by evening, I was ok.

Saturday: I had a PH support group meeting today. I had considered cancelling it because I knew it was going to be a very small group, but one of the people coming had never been to a group meeting before and he had told me he had questions. It was a wonderful meeting! There was a total of 8 of us, 4 of us PHers, and we actually went over the scheduled meeting time. The guy who came thanked me at least 10 times for having the meetings, and promised he'd be back for the next one. That made me realize that the questions I had several weeks ago about about whether or not I was doing what I am supposed to in life were just stupid. Every time I hear someone thank me for the help I provide in the PH community, whether online or in person, I know that God has steered me in the right direction!

Sunday: Well, Sunday is only a half an hour old right now, but in many hours, my parents and I will be on the road to Cleveland for my annual checkups. I love saying annual. It's nice not to need to go there more than once a year! I am hoping to visit a dear phriend who had surgery there several weeks ago while I'm there. I had a good idea this morning to kinda do a "virtual card" for her. I posted on Facebook for phriends to comment on my status if they'd like to send M. a greeting. I'm going to print out all of the comments (which total almost 50 right now!) for M. to read, and put them in a Get Well card I bought. I hope that it perks her up a bit! And on that note, I better get to bed!


Malenadu said…
Nice writing.

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