A Good Day!

The past couple days I have felt really yucky, and mostly crampy, which makes it very hard to be able to accomplish anything. Tylenol and heating pads helped a little, but I pretty much didn't do anything for those days (except for a doctor's appt on Monday). So today, I was rather relieved when I woke up and felt much better! I had wanted to go to Walmart, but the sun was shining, and it was so nice out, that I decided to stay home and get a couple things done here instead. After doing the dishes, I ventured out into the backyard to do a little gardening. WHAT??? Gardening??? ME??? Ok, it's no secret how much I really do not like anything dealing with dirt, but the past few years, I don't know. Something changed! I don't LOVE gardening, but I don't hate it either. I've been planting flowers or trying to grow tomatoes. I've been somewhat successful at it! The thing is, the ground here stinks, and I can't dig it up anyway. So I've been trying to grow things in large pots. It's really the only option I've got!

Anyway, I've been growing roma tomato plants from seeds since last month, and they still aren't quite big enough to plant yet without probably failing. So what I did today was plant some green onion seeds in one of the planters out back. The dirt was already in there from last year, so I mixed up the soil a bit and put some of the seeds in there. Hopefully something grows!! I'm always worried that nothing will come out of anything I plant. lol

The container that holds the green onion seeds is up against the back of the house, and it's quite obvious that my dad has mowed the grass around it. All up against the house was a bunch of tall grass and weeds. As much as I didn't want to, I started to try pulling it all out. See, this is just mind over matter stuff. I had to tell myself to suck it up and just do it!! lol I was squatting for most of the pulling, and my poor legs were getting tired. I decided to try using old scissors, and that was going ok, but my legs still felt worn out. So I went into the garage for one of my new chairs, and tried pulling and cutting stuff out while sitting. That was also getting my legs tired, and also making it hard to breathe since I was bending over. But, I just kept at it, and just worked a little then rested a little. I eventually got it all done, though, and I was proud of myself!! I had accomplished something I usually hate doing, and it looked so much better, too. It no longer looked like a jungle growing against the house. lol

I eventually took my book out and some water and sat at my table for awhile soaking up the sun. The next few days will rain (boooo), but then we'll be getting warmer weather back! I finally took down the plastic a couple weeks ago around the windows, so I'll be opening them up when I can. I suppose my next job is to switch wardrobes for the summer, since I have yet to do that. I've been taking stuff out to wear here and there, but not everything. I really hate that chore!! Not only that, I could use new clothes!! lol


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