Saying Goodbye

This weekend was mostly spent helping my friend say goodbye to her brother. The wake was 4 hours on Friday evening, and the funeral was Saturday morning. My other best friend and I went together to both. It was hard mostly seeing Eve's father looking so lost. He is 75, and told me that should be him gone, and not his son. The funeral was nice, and Eve's eulogy to her her brother was just beautiful. There was a nice luncheon in the reception hall afterward, too. I was glad to be there for her and her family, and I'll continue to pray for comfort and strength for them all in the days and months ahead.


It's so sad to witness a parent who has to bury their child. My mom was devistated when my sister was killed. There were no goodbyes, it was sudden and without warning. I pray for your friends family too. Especially her dad. God bless your week

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