Bill Shrinkage

I spent Thursday afternoon on the phone with Verizon and Time Warner. Verizon changed my phone plan back down to 450 minutes (UGH), and also completely blocked texting for me. I am thankful for a smartphone that allows all sorts of apps, because I found a free texting app that actually works pretty decently. So, even if I didn't have to crunch my bills, I would have gotten rid of texting anyway after finding this app! In total, I'll be saving about $30 on my phone, which is good!

A friend had told me that Time Warner had a cable modem package called Road Runner Lite. He said he used it for awhile when he had to crunch bills. So I asked the service rep about it when I called, and she said that they never sign people up on that package if they are using wireless service because we would call and complain about how terribly slow it is. What she ended up offering me was an upgrade to what I already had, but for almost $15 less a month. Ooooook, sign me up!! Even though it's only for a year, well heck, it's a year and I'll call them back next year to see what else they can offer me to keep my bills lowered!

I was hoping my caseworker would return my Thursday afternoon call, but she did what I figured she would do: called me the next morning while I was still in bed. I got my glasses on and my robe before I answered the phone! I wanted to know exactly what to do with these green slips I had received, and if the amount I had to pay was really $41 since I had yet to get something in the mail stating what was happening. I need to make sure I send out payments 10 days before the month I need the spenddown, so in order to pay for September, I need to send a check out by Monday at the latest!!

***BREAKING NEWS*** I decided to check my mail as I was typing this, and saw a letter from Social Services. However, it still does NOT explain what I owe!! For crying out loud!!! What the heck????? Guess I need to call yet again on Monday to find out what to do about this. So darn frsutrating!!!

Anyway, I think I have it down to just being able to pay my bills, and nothing much leftover for anything else. I'm still trying to figure that part out. I can either try to do work from home jobs, or maybe I might actually make a jewelry business. Still so much to figure out, but at least I know I won't be homeless, I can still talk to people on the phone and the computer, and I will still have food. I should be happy with that, right??


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