Surprise! You're In The Hole!

On Monday, I received a letter about my food stamps, and I knew something was wrong. According to the paperwork, I would be getting more money starting next month for food than I thought I should be getting. UGH, it got messed up again?? After reading the letter, the reasoning for the extra money was because I would be paying for Medicare Part B premiums. I knew this was wrong, because Medicaid pays for those premiums. So, I tried calling my case worker on Tuesday. Of course, I had to leave a message with her. Since I hadn't heard anything, this morning I just decided to write a note and send it to her in the mail. I got it all ready to go, and then got a call from her. Wow, surprise! I told her about the notice and what I thought was a mix-up, and she said that she would adjust everything and there would most likely be a change, which I totally expected. So, I went on about my afternoon, spending a couple hours painting outside while it rained around me (I was under the garage door).

I went inside to take Revatio and I got another phone call from Mrs. L. After explaining it several times to me, I realized I was getting really shitty news. It breaks down like this:

I get $944 a month in Social Security Disability (SSD).

The Medicare Part B premium is $115 a month, which used to be paid for by my Medicaid. However, now I will get this taken out of my SSD check every month, which means I only have $829 for my bills.

Also, if I want to keep Medicaid, which I MUST keep, I also need to write a check to NY for $41 a month so that I don't have to worry about things such as paying for oxygen and copays for doctors and tests that I need to have done. So, that leaves me $788 a month for all my bills, gas for the car, money to buy stuff I need (like hair care products, vitamins, Mittens' food and litter, etc etc). Isn't that lovely??

Now I'm sitting here trying to think of what other bills MUST be paid, like the rent, student loan, electricity, etc, and what bills are "frivolous." I guess that would be the internet and tv. What the hell am I supposed to do?? I was already struggling every month trying to figure out how to pay for everything, and now I'm $150 in the hole every month just for medical, which I obviously need. I did call a group called Caring Voice Coalition, which might be able to help me pay for the $41 a month. It's not a lot, but it's something, and if they are able to do it for me, I would be really thankful. In the meantime, I guess I can look for part time work and hope that it won't wear me down eventually. This really just sucks big time!!!!


Silvergirl said…
Oh honey, that's awful. Hopefully Caring Voice can help...(((Hugs)))<3
CL said…
Teddybear said…
Colleen I am so sorry about this. The very thing happened to me while I was in Rehab. My new worker never returned our calls for 6 weeks, 3 days before I was to lose my food stamps and benefits.

Is there a way you can get rent assistants to help pay your rent? I will keep you in my prayers, this is too much for you to deal with! Love ya Deb

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