Finally, An Answer (Maybe??)

Thursday I was discussing this situation with my sister, and I brought up how I was wondering what the heck was still going on with my tongue. I told her I wasn't really sure now if it was the pill that was the culprit, considering it's been 2 months of not taking it, and I wanted to chop off my tongue on Tuesday b/c it was hurting so bad. I said I was looking up oral thrush again, and still, none of the pictures I saw really represented what my tongue looked like. However, when I stuck my tongue out at Mandy (no, not to be mean, just to show her!!), she said she thought I had it. Why? Well, she had 2 kids that had it when they were babies, and she remembered what it looked like. Sooo, when my nurse called me on Thursday afternoon, I told her what Mandy thought, but I did say I wasn't really totally sure. My nurse said she'd ask my doctor, and had called me back 10 minutes later saying my doctor wanted me to try Protonix, which I guess was for acid reflux. I was thinking to myself, huh?? I know that's not my problem! So I asked if I could just be checked for oral thrush first before taking this med, and my nurse put me on hold, and got back with me 2 minutes later with an appt to see my doctor on Friday morning at 11. Yes!!

I got to my appt, was brought back into the room, and eventually saw my doctor. She took a look at my tongue, and said that while I wasn't presenting the typical signs of oral thrush, that my tongue was definitely irritated a lot, and so she was going to treat me as if I had it. This meant an oral rinse, and she wanted me to do it for 2 weeks. So then she tried saying what else could possibly be going on, and she started bringing up acid reflux again, but I stopped her in mid-sentence. I reminded her that I have been on cephalexin for my acne for about 10 months, and she got this huge surprise look on her face and said, "DUH!!! Did I know that???" I said it should be in my chart, and she started apologizing for either missing that part or just forgetting that I was on this med. Now, part of me was like, no problem! But the more I think about it, why wasn't she paying more attention to that??? Anyway, she now totally felt that it was definitely the cephalexin causing the problem, which I had thought about several months ago. But after stopping it for a couple months, nothing got better, so I figured it was ok to take again. Argh!!! What is frustrating is that it IS helping the acne a lot, and I don't want to just stop taking it. So, she told me to call my dermo and ask for a lower dose of the medicine. I will do that on Monday since I didn't get a chance to call after I got home. Sooo, maybe with this rinse that I have to do, things will get better after 2 weeks??? I certainly hope so! It's been almost a year of dealing with mouth issues, and I'm honestly ready for something to be normal in my life again!!!

And the funniest part of the visit to my doctor was when she was leaving the room. She told me to tell "Dr. Mandy" that she was right!! Of course, I told Mandy later and she told me she'd send my doctor (who is also her doctor) her fee! LOL!


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