Wide Awake

It's 1am here, and I feel wide awake. I had a bad headache after dinner, so I finally took an Excedrin for it around 8pm, which I knew would probably keep me up later than usual. Considering I was pretty tired almost all day, I find it ironic that now I can't sleep. Sigh.

Yesterday, I brought Shelby to the vet with mom. Shelby had her laser treatment, but I'm wondering how much it's really helping her. Her back leg keeps giving out often, and I feel bad. I don't know how much pain she's really in when that happens, but I'm hoping it's not a lot. No matter what, though, Shelby always has a cute little smile on her face. I think that makes it so hard to know what to do for her, because that face makes it seem like she's always happy!!

By the way, the sister kitties were gone. However, they had 2 more kitties in there! A long haired black kitty and a short haired orange kitty occupied the cage. When I went over to look at them, they were both sleeping together. The orange kitty had it's paws wrapped around the black kitty. It was just so adorable! Still can't have them, though!!

I had to bring my mom to her doctor's appt in the afternoon, but before we did that, we stopped at a jewelry store called Firth's to see about selling some gold. I brought in everything I had that looked gold, even though I knew only a few pieces were the real thing. Most of my rings were sapphires, but I did have one that was a heart-shaped oval. I had them take out the stones, and weigh the gold that was real, and I ended up with $62.40. Not too bad. I'm going to save the money, and whatever other money I can save up, to have a couple of custom rings made. I know it's going to cost a lot. I just hate gold jewelry, and didn't think it would be useful to hang onto the gold when I don't wear it. I am hoping I can get something made in either white gold or silver. I'll have to shop around to see which jewelry place can accomodate me!

Today was a rainy day, which we've needed, but it made me tired! I felt like sleeping in, but I got to take a shower and get ready for rehab. My exercise routine helped a little, but I still felt tired when I got home. Despite that, I did 2 loads of laundry, hosted chat, and made lunch before I finally took a nap around 3:30. The rest of the evening wasn't too bad, except for the headache!

It's started to storm here, so maybe I'll go lay in bed and listen to the rain. I'm sure that'll make me sleepy!!


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