Only a couple more days of August are left, and most nights are already feeling as if it's fall. I'm really sad that summer is ending. I mostly don't like the thought of it disappearing for another 9 months because for those months, I will be mostly cold!!! I know that soon I will be putting away my summer clothes and dragging out the fall/winter ones. I'll have to encase my windows in plastic to keep winter drafts from coming into the house. I need to figure out ways to keep my place warmer without blasting the heat (which I never do). I really need to find out how to keep my feet and legs warmer, because they are the parts of my body that just get coldest the fastest. Long underwear and 2 or 3 pairs of socks and slippers don't seem to be cutting it with me!! Before long, it'll also be bath season!! If only there was a way to stay in the tub all day so that I wouldn't be cold!

The weather changes are bringing me headaches almost every day, literally. Most of the time I don't take anything for them, but sometimes they are so bad that I must. Sunday I had a migraine all day. But usually I just function with them. Until the weather gets pretty much cold and stays that way, I'll be dealing with the headaches as best I can!

I do have to say that PH-wise, besides a little increased shortness of breath, I'm doing pretty good. The weather usually effects that, too, but so far I've been ok. I'm happy about that, it's one less thing I need to deal with right now!

September will be a busy month. I have some appts scheduled, including the local PH doctor. The annual Peach Festival is coming up, which I love to go wander! My birthday is in the middle of the month, and then the weekend after is Joan's wedding! So there is lots going on for the month, and I'm sure like everything else, it'll fly by quickly!


Jen said…
I know you dread your "locked up" season, but I am hoping mine is almost over. This heat is awful.

Hope that your headches stay away or at least become less. That is so annoying. What a busy month ahead you have!!

Take care abnd great to tty on FB chat earlier. I miss you and our chats too! Love & Hugs!!

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