PH Fact Of The Day

Today's PH fact is:

Pulmonary hypertension affects a person's mental health as well as physical health. Many times, a person diagnosed with PH goes through almost the same stages as the passing of a loved one. There is denial, anger, depression, a loss of "old self" after diagnosis. PHers need support from family, friends, and phriends in trying to deal with this disease!

I guess I sort of feel a little lucky having been diagnosed with PH since 9 months old. The people I've grown up with pretty much understand my limits, and how I feel a lot. Of course, new people just don't get it. They think I seem fine, besides the fact I wear oxygen. Or, they feel so sorry for me because I wear oxygen, and don't get why I'm wearing it after I tell them. I have gone through losses of friends because of this disease, but thankfully not too many. I do try my best to stay positive about my health, and try to inform others about PH and what it's like. I also try to let my family and friends know when I'm just not feeling good, because I often push myself to do something so I don't disappoint them! So, I guess in some ways, I do end up dealing with emotions with this disease!


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