PH Fact Of The Day

Today's PH fact is:

There are many people living with pulmonary hypertension who benefit from doing some sort of exercise program, particularly pulmonary rehab. In a pulmonary rehab gym, PHers are given o2 (if needed), and guidance on exercises that they can do, including walking on the treadmill, light weights, exercise bikes, and arm cycles. Even in small amounts, exercise has been proven beneficial to those with PH!

I have been going to pulmonary rehab for over a year now, and I am so happy with being able to exercise! I go at my own pace, if I can't do something, I don't push myself. It's been a great way to stay in shape, and be able to have a little more energy to get through my days. I highly recommend it for anyone living with PH, if they ask their specialist about it!


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