Oink Oink!

Yesterday afternoon, I found out on the news about an H1N1 flu shot vaccine clinic in Niagara County. I caught the info at the last minute, so I didn't know what time it was or exactly where. I tried all day to find info, and finally did last night. After talking with my friend, Renee, we decided to meet there and go together! I'm glad we did! We spent about 2 1/2 hours in line during the entire process. The clinic started at 11am, we got there a bit after 10am, and there were already over 100 people in line. Apparently some people started showing up at 8am! I was so thankful that at least it wasn't too bad outside, since that is where we had to stand in line. The sun has been out all day today, and it's probably about 55 now. So, it's not how I really wanted to spend my morning/afternoon, but at least I got the shot! And, I had good company while waiting!! Thanks, Renee!!

Oh yes, after a little while, I happened to see Mandy across the parking lot standing in line with the kids. My niece was going to get the shot (or spray, not sure which!). I'm glad I was there, since after Renee and I finally got out of the building, Mandy still had a ways to go, and the kids needed to eat. I went down the street to Wilson Farms to grab a few things, and then brought it back for them. I'm sure they were there for at least another hour!!


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