PH Fact Of The Day & Movie Review

Today's PH fact of the day is this:

Pulmonary Hypertension can be found mainly in women of childbearing age, HOWEVER, PH does not discriminate! Any child, man, or woman of any age can be diagnosed with PH.

On another note, I went to see the Michael Jackson movie this afternoon with Dee. This Is It was a fitting tribute to a man who had such overwhelming talent. I loved the music, of course. Almost all the songs are on my mp3 player, and I listen to them at least 3 times a week while doing things around the house. What I found fascinating in the movie was how much Michael was involved in every aspect of this concert. He was there when they were trying to find dancers, he was there making suggestions of when to start this sound and when to end that one. He never shouted and thanked everyone for anything involved in making the show just right. It really would have been one heck of a concert to see! If you are an MJ fan, you really should see this movie! I admit I got a bit teary-eyed knowing that he is really gone, even though it's still a bit hard to believe.


Jen said… are doing great with your PH Awareness...:))
I hope to get to see that movie this week..KK saw it with her dance class from school last week..LOL..

Have a great week..and NO MORE WASHING THAT DAMN CROCKPOT....
Luv ya ...

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