PH Fact Of The Day, And Shopping

Today's PH fact is:

What is the life expectancy with PAH? There is no simple answer to this question. Life expectancy depends on many factors. Without knowing the specifics of each case it is impossible to even hazard aguess. Even when the specifics are known, survival is very hard to predict. Even though patients with advanced pulmonary hypertension may have a substantially shortened life-expectancy, current treatments appear to help most patients live longer with significant improvements in function and quality of life.

Yesterday, I was out from about 11:30am til 6:30pm! I got more jewelry from Mandy first to put in my friend's store for the weekend, picked up my friend, Dee, got to the store and chatted for awhile with Mary. The store looks so cute, and definitely a lot better than the last time I was there! It has windows!! Mary sold a few things of mine and Mandy's, which is very cool! We'll be getting checks when there's a large enough amount to send them out. After visiting with Mary, we headed out to the Boulevard in Amherst. When we hit the Boulevard, it was a madhouse! Everyone was out for the holiday (Veteran's Day), and it was just crazy! We made our way to Joann Fabrics, where Dee helped me pick out some more cool beads. After waiting in a line that went down an aisle, we left there and met 2 other friends for coffee at Barnes & Noble. That place was packed, but Renee had managed to save chairs for Dee and I. We hung out and chatted for awhile. Well, they chatted. As soon as I sat down and was able to relax, I started feeling so tired. Grrrrr!! I had a good time anyway! We left, and on the way home, Dee and I decided to have dinner at a restaurant called Zebb's. It was yummy, I was way stuffed, and by the time I dropped her off and got home, I was ready to go to bed. It was only 6:30 though!! I did stay up for awhile, but today I'm feeling it. I went to rehab already, and now I'm just going to relax and try to make a few jewelry pieces. I was happy that overall yesterday, I felt pretty good!


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