PH Fact Of The Day

Today's PH fact is more of a request!

November is Pulmonary Hypertension awareness month. PLEASE, please take a few minutes to complete the quiz at the following link. A drug company, Gilead, will donate US$10 to PHA for every person who completes the quiz. Anyone can take this quiz, PHers & non-PHers! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I've been posting everything for awareness month here and on Facebook. Today when I posted this on FB, I asked non-PHers to let me know if they took the quiz by leaving me a comment. As of right now, I've had 8 people take the quiz! Many got only one wrong. It's so easy to do, so if you are reading this out there in blogland, please do it, too!!


Jen said…
Go Loca..You are doing a great job with your PH Awareness ;))

Luv ya..Hugs :))
Nancy said…
Thanks for the reminder. I took the quiz and missed one, too. The number of new PH cases diagnosed was higher than I thought it would be.

Keep up the great job of raising PH Awareness.
Maybe because I'm at work on a network computer, but the link failed.

I'll send it home and try it there.

Thanks for the link!

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