Jewelry Party!

Mandy and I had a jewelry party here last night, and I'd been getting ready for it for 2 weeks. I was trying to make as much stuff as I could, and this week I had started trying to clean around here. Yesterday I spent the day still getting ready, and didn't really rest much. I got a 15 minute nap, which did help! The party was from 6-1opm, and most people got here in the 7pm hour. It was alot of fun! I made some sales, although not as much as I had the past couple years. Oh well, at least it was something! I had more fun just chatting with friends and family, and eating food. Holy crap, we had soooo much stuff to snack on! And now there are leftovers and no one wanted to take stuff home. Which means, I snack on them. lol Anyway, I was really sore when I went to bed last night because I had basically been standing most of the day. This morning when I got up (almost at 10:30!), I felt like I'd been hit by a bus! I'm so tired, and very achy (and I have a feeling the one Tylenol I took is not going to cut it), so it is rest day for sure. Although, I may go out later to pick up my new dinnerware from Walmart! I need help with that since it weighs about 25 pounds! But we'll see. Right now, I think I need a nap already!!


Bonnie said…
Colleen glad you had a good time and have lots of leftovers. Sorry you feel so bad but like you said one day of rest and maybe you'll feel better tomorrow.

Have a great Turkey Day with the family and alot of fun. LOL

Love Ya,

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