Earth Shake!

I decided to go out for a little bit this afternoon, because I wanted to get a new pair of everyday sneakers. I went to the post office first, then the credit union, and then ventured over to Targét. Ok, I know it's TargEt, not TargÉt, but I say it the 2nd way all the time, so I also spell it that way. lol Anyway, I looked at bathing suits, and some clothes, before getting over to the shoe department. Ten minutes later, I had tried on a purple and silver pair of sneakers, and decided they were the ones! I wandered around the rest of the store before I went to cash out. While in line, the cashier was talking to another cashier and some customers about an earthquake, and that it could be felt in Lewiston and Buffalo. Huh, earthquake? Well, it would surprise me. I felt one back in 2002! I hadn't yet gotten my large queen-sized bed, I still had my daybed, and I remember waking up one morning with the bed shaking a bit. I wondered what truck had driven past the house, but it wasn't until later on that I read it was an earthquake! So, for people to feel one again was something I wasn't too shocked about. But it sure was the talk of the town! The quake originated almost 200 miles north near Quebec in Canada. The tremors could be felt as far south as Virginia, and as far east as Vermont. It measure 5.0 on the Richter scale. Luckily, no one was injured, and no damage was reported!

I left Targét for Mandy's house, and hung out for awhile chatting with her and the kids. When I eventually made it home, I took a quick peek around and found nothing amiss. It wasn't until I was getting ready to eat dinner that I noticed a wine glass was standing straight up in my dish rack next to the refridgerator. While that may not seem strange, it WAS not expected since I keep the wine glasses in 2 straight lines (I can't help that, I'm a Virgo! lol) on TOP of the fridge. So, I glanced up at fridge, and sure enough, my wine glasses were askew! And one of them fell! So, if I actually had been home, I would've felt the earthquake! I'm kinda disappointed that I was out shopping for shoes instead! lol


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