Huh, What Did You Say?

Ever since I was a kid, besides dealing with heart and lung issues, I have also dealt with a slew of other health conditions, some not as bad as others. I've been blind as a bat since the 3rd grade, although my poor eyesight has tapered off in the past few years, which is nice. However, I still can't see more than a few inches in front of me without corrective eyewear! I have scoliosis, and had to wear a brace for a few years in high school. THAT was a friggin blast. However, I was so darn faithful wearing that stupid thing that not only did my spine not get any worse, but apparently the curve corrected itself by a few degrees. I also have bunions, and I still continue to wear the special plastic inserts that were specially made to fit my fit and not make the bunions any worse.

And then, there is my right ear! I had so many ear infections when I was little, that I eventually had a tube placed in the right ear to help the draining. I had them placed twice, and I can't even begin to remember the last time I had one in. Maybe 25 years ago?? I still continue to have problems every single time I get sick with my ear, but in the last 5 years, I have also noticed that I can't hear well. In the last year and a half, at least, I have heard a little ringing, but that has only gotten more noticeable (and annoying) in the last several months. I went to an ENT in 2005 or 2006, I can't remember, and he completely turned me off when he told me during one of the few visits I had that he wanted to do something to drain the ear. When I asked if I needed to be off coumadin (a blood thinner) for it, he looked at me and said, "I don't know?" Ooooooook then, bu-bye!! I never went back! I should have tried finding another ENT then, but I didn't bother.

So, today, after about a month's wait, I finally went to my appointment with an ENT about an hour's drive from here. I had my hearing test done, and when I saw the doctor, he suggested putting in a tube. Another tube!! He wanted to do it right then and there, but said I may feel dizzy after it, but I may not. I decided to play it safe, and just wait until someone could bring me back. That's tomorrow!! While I'm completely nervous about it, I also seriously hope that I'll be able to hear better, and there will be no more ringing!! I'm not sure what happens when the tube falls out, but I'll ask him if he thinks I might need yet another one. Knowing my luck and how long I've been dealing with my right ear, I have a feeling this tube may not be the last!


Beki Hilton said…
Aww sorry for everything you are going through! I hope it works out for you!
I am now following you! You can follow me @

Beki :-)
phtony said…
Seeing what you go through and then seeing how active & upbeat you are have always been an inspiration to me. Thanks so much. Hope your ear gets better :-)

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