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It's Sunday, and although it's a day of relaxation (supposedly anyway), I've been relaxing for two days now. I need to do something. Nothing inspires me, and I don't have much money left before I get my SSD money for July. I need to get out of the house, but I don't know where to go. Yet, my apartment could use some serious cleaning in every room, but I don't want to/don't have the energy. I could watch a movie, but I watched 2 last night. I have some books to read, but I'm too antsy. I'm highly irritated. Part of that is b/c of my hormones. I also have a headache. It's humid out, but if I turned the fan on or the A/C, I'd be freezing. Sigh. I guess I'll just walk away from the laptop and go figure out something to do since this post could really become a series of rants that I just don't want to get into.


I'm with you here Colleen. I woke up with zero energy today. My mind is ordering my body to do all sorts of things, I stand up and just can't take a step. Hope tomorrow is better for you.
Jen said…
Hope your week is better this week...Luv ya Loca...

Hugs :))

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