Growing Things

I'm not a dirt person. I really never liked gardening, even though I helped my mom with her gardens when I was little. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like playing with dirt! However, that being said, I do love growing things like spider plants. I have 3 huge ones, one in the bedroom and two in the kitchen. I'd put them all over the house, except some areas of the house just don't get enough sun to help keep the plant alive. So, my spider plants grow babies constantly, and many times I have to just cut them and throw them out. Not a favorite thing to do, but I just have nowhere else to put them!!

Here's the spider plant in my bedroom. It's rather big!

Here are the 2 spider plants in my kitchen. The one on the left is my original spider plant. It's 10 years old! It has sprouted out at least 100 babies, including the 2 big plants I now have. If you can see below the plant on the right side, there is a baby spider plant that is actually coming from the plant on the left. Well, it's not really a baby anymore, more like a junior! lol It's too big for me to just want to throw out, so I'm trying to think of what to do with it! In the meantime, It's starting to get too low and into my dishes when I'm washing them!
Yesterday, I spent a good 2 hours trying to plant a few things. Yes, I actually DID play with dirt. Of course, the entire time I had my hands in dirt, I had to keep telling myself I could wash my hands later!! lol I planted red petunias in a big pot on the front porch. I also planted a beefsteak tomato in a smaller planter on the porch. I planted a grape tomato plant a few years ago on my porch, and only got a few tomatoes, since all the rest were stolen by squirrels!! I'm hoping if I get any tomatoes, they will be too big for the squirrels to carry off! lol And, I planted roma tomato seeds. If they grow up into something, I'll be so proud of myself!! Where I'll transfer them to is something I haven't figured out yet, but I'll just be happy if they actually sprout something! lol

This is really red, despite the fact it looks pink!

They look redder here!

Hopefully this will grow to supply me at least a few tomatoes!

Hopefully these will grow into roma tomatoe plants! Wish me luck!! lol


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